Voyager x Mt Ridge Countess
2009 Premium Weser-Ems colt by Voyager (14.2 hh German Riding Pony) out of Mt Ridge Countess (12.1 5/8 hh
Welsh pony)

Registered and branded Weser-Ems at the Yancey Farms GOV inspection in July. Victor will mature as a large
pony (curently 13.3+ hh). He was 13.1 in October of 2010, and we've had several pony breeders tell us that they
estimate height at maturity by adding one hand to their height in the fall of their yearling year, so we therefore
expect him to mature around 14.1 hh. We have left him a stallion through this point, as his wonderful temperament
doesn't require gelding and we feel that he is nice enough to be a potential stallion prospect.

See his video on YouTube; go to and search "Valentino, German Riding Pony", or cut and
paste the following link into your web browser:

Video of his first attempt at free jumping (5/22/11):